VISA.  Customer needing visa to visit us must in future make down payment on machine.

This is to stop fraud with visa..  we are sorry for this but is only way.

also we offer only visa to 1 or 2 persons.

we are sorry for this step



this is fact.
the cheapest new machine you can get from TRUMPF cost apr. 400.000 euro.   price europa  AND UP this new machine got small laser and is simple construction and not fast.  most machines sold in europe cost from apr 600,000 euro and up to 900,000 euro. and some machine even more.
the power and size got big impact on the price.
then is optimistic to believe you can get a almost new machine at 25-50,000 euro and that it is actually working. also you must understand that at this low price the machine is maybe 20 or 25 years old and is in bad condition.
most used machines is sold in the price range 150,000 to 250-300,000 euro.  BUT we also got low price machines were you can make a good deal and get a god working machine.
Junk machine is sold cheap and is always sold as is.  NO help or support. we normally sell this machine type to dealer ho got own engineer ho can fix the machine or use the machine as parts and we always inform the dealer that is junk machine.
also is to consider the transport cost is usually between 5,000 and 25,000 euro depending on destination and transport type.
installation for NEW machine take usually 1-2 weeks time but for old machine take usually 2-4 weeks time depending on machine type and condition. and then come training in use take apr 3-5 days

the fact is you can NOT make money on a machine that are NOT working or relabel. !!!!!!



EXW = EX WORK men you bay machine as is and where is.
LOD = LOADED ON TRUCK men salsman dismantle and load on truck. transport and truck is payed by bayer
CIF = COST, INSURANCE,  FREIGHT, to specified harbor close to customer, this means that seller pay all cost until the specified harbor as agreed, from harbor to the customer is payed by the customer.



machine price EX WORK.  men’s you make the dismantling or pay somebody to do this.
transport truck / ship wen use ship the machine must be transported to harbor by truck.  this is payed by you
wen use ship you must make packing for ship so machine is not damaged by sea water.  this is payed by you
installation in your factory must be done by qualified engineers.  is to be payed by you
software to program the machine on external pc.  is to be payed by you
finely start up service and start produktions help.  is to be payed by you



1 you contact us telling witch machine you have interest
2 we send price offer by email
3 we agree to the price then we make contract offer
4 wen you accept the contract we make proforma invoice
5 you make prepayment MIN 10% to lock for 2 weeks and give you time to get finance 
6 after receive the last 90%  payment we start the dismantling / shipment
7 we always make our best to make fastest delivery but in most cases we ar depending on the transport company
8 the installation is done by us or a local engineer depending on deal
9 start produktion
NOTE we do not start dismantling or shipment until we got the 100% payment


Trading conditions

we offer sales of machines as they stand..  (EX WORKS) 100% payment

we offer sometime  machine loaded on truck.. (LOT) 100% payment

but we also offer turnkey solutions where we stand for everything..    90 +10% payment

We both buy and sell used TRUMPF machines where we can vouch for the machine afterwards
we also sell other machines but does not offer support and guarantee them so buyer have full responsibility for the purchased machine we are responsible only for trade
we also take used machines in sales commission .. then you have a used machine you want to sell it is a possibility we agree the price and we take care of sales and dismantle the machine mm.
no trade is started before pre payment is received then the machine is locked to trade for 2 weeks or by appointment

prepayment is typically 10 to 35% of the sales price

within 2 weeks or by appointment must be paid in full 100% machine payment
only then the machine will be dismantled and loaded
only after special agreement starts dismantling before
machines is payed 100%

Shipping by sea freight paid 100% before the machine is loaded onto the ship
for non-payment or partial payment, the machine is NOT loaded on the ship and the customer charged rent of stored machine typically 150 euros PR days

Payment by L/C  letter of credit we will ad 5000 euro to the machine price due to the BIG amount of paperwork and we only accept L/C on full amount of deal = 100% payment.



We usually gives NO warranty on used machines

on individual machines, we make start up guarantee which means that we guarantee that the machine works when it is set up at the new customer. for this type of warranty Assuming that the machine is not damaged during transport and that it is built up by one of our engineers..we guarantee the machine work and perform. if the customer is sabotaging or causing big delays with needed parts, gas installation or electric connection and ECC, the customer is charged for all costs. we got a common interest in make the installation as fast as possible.

want the customer warranty on their machine, this is taken out with his insurance Company
it is a machine bored insurance or machine hull. Contact your insurance Company for deals


: All disputes in relation to this agreement shall be held by

Sø- og Handelsretten
The Maritime and Commercial High Court
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