TRUMPF L3030 4 kw laser year 2000

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L3030 4 kw year 2000-1

Manufacturer TRUMPF
Machine type TRUMATIC L3030
Laser / type Co2 laser 4000 watt
Year 2000
Machine Hour Machine apr ??? laser ???
Machine condicion Machine is in good condicion
cnc Siemens 840 controld
Interface cnc Normal lan rj45 or disc
Power neded 400 volt fuse 3x 125amp 50hz
air Clean compressed air no water – no oil – no dust min 6 bar
Cutting gas N2 for stanles hi pressure min 30bar O2 for steel cuting min 10 bar
Gas for laser Co2 – N2- HE max 6 bar
Worksice 3000x1500mm
Space neded in factury 14000x7000mm
Cutting head 5” + 7,5”
Machine precision +/- 0,1mm
Cut performens steel Max 20 mm
Cut performens stanles Max 12 mm
Cut performens alu Max 8 mm
Options none
Options none
Options none
Options none
Options none
Software on PC NO but can bay extra software tru tops
Servo drive Maintenance-Free 3phase servo motor
cutting gas Automatic controld of gas pressure during cutting N2 and O2
Palet changer Automatic palletchanger with 2 pallets 1. in machine cutting other in load or unload posicion behind machine for max performance
Hight regulation Automatic hight regulation of nossel and cutting hight
Conveyor Conveyer for small part and trash
Cutting head Fast exthange of cuttinghead
Safety equipment Light barier – dust colektor – safty cabine on machine
Cooling unit laser Cooling unit laser need destilated water and kemicals for protektion
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L3030 4 kw year 2000-2 L3030 4 kw year 2000-3 L3030 4 kw year 2000-4

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