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we are a qualified supplier with more than 20 years experience in Trumpf

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about the company

Holbæk laser and steel is owned and operated by Per Olesen. The company was founded 1996 under the name iv-Trade later changed to Holbæk laser & stål. we have more than 25 years experience working with TRUMPF laser and punching machines and sheet metal working. we work with many companies in various countries. we work with Trumpf and Trumpf distributor in many countries. Our experience is your guarantee of a good deal

our main area is sale of used TRUMPF machines  and service. We specializing in TRUMPF laser machines and punching machine

Investment in a used laser is a large investment. therefore, the machine must be 100% ok..

laser cutting is no simple process because the co2 laser is not visible to the naked eye. experience with laser is therefore very important to achieve a high quality. a laser cutting machine is bild of of many technologies where virtually all types of technology are bild in like. vacuum – gas – electric – electronic – hi power electric – hi frequency – software – hydraulic – pneumatics – refrigeration – laser optic – cooling – ecc.   if one of these groups fail you get cut problems therefore experience is important. we can also advise you on the purchase of a machine. and help you buy or sell, we also take machines in commission. we can instal machine in your factory. We also offer software program and help you to start your production. repairs and servicing of machines.

all done in accordance with TRUMPF standard

Your guarantee of a good deal

we also offer other machine like AMADA , BYSTRONIC , LVD , FINPOWER , SALVAGNINI , BALLIU , MAZAK , COHERENT , and other laser cutter. BUT we do not support them

We can also offer:

-advice on purface of used machine

-help you to bay or sell a used machine, we also take machines in comision

-indstal machine in your factory

-help you to start your produktion

-repair and service on TRUMPF laser machines

ALL done in accordance with TRUMPF standard

TRUMPF machines is the best cnc machine on the marked. TRUMPF name stands for the highest quality and technical know-how. 

We offer solutions ranging from:

-do it yourself.   exwork

-To all included.    turnkey solutions

we look forward to your inquiry

Yours sincerely

Per Olesen



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