Installation, repair, and service

On TRUMPF laser and punch machines

we got more then 25 years experience

We support following machines and special machines

punch machine TC240 + TC240R + TC260R + TC260FMC + TC260R-Laser

TC120R + TC200R + TC500R +TC500 FMC + TC3000R + TC5000R

Laser machines L2503 + L3003 + L4003 + L3030 + L4030 + L6030 Bosch cnc

Laser machine L2530 + L3030  L4030  L6030 + L3050 + L5030 siemens cnc

Laser alone all old TLC  CO2 laser 1000+1500+2000 watt

+ All turbo CO2 Laser olie turbine 1000 to 3000 watt

+ all Turbo CO2 laser LSM turbine

if you have interest in service / repair

please contact us

laser lys web L3030-2,2kw-4

laser cutting is not a simple process because the co2 laser light can not be seen with the naked eye.

special tools and experience with laser is therefore very important to achieve a high quality.

 a laser cutting machine is built by many technologies where virtually all types of technology are inside.

 vacuum – gas – electric – electronic – hi power electric – hi frequency – software – hydraulic – pneumatics – refrigeration – laser optic – cooling – ecc.  

 if one of these groups fail you get cut problems.


HOW we calculate for used time.

We work only on time basis as it is not posebel to give a exact estimation for how mutts time it take to fix a machine and our experience show that many times are more problem on a machine then we can se befor start to work on the machine

for this reason we work on only time paid basis

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